Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Academic Writing for a Hopeless New Generation

Below is an example of an academic research writing I did for a foreign Master’s Degree student by the name of Kouf. Sounded like one of those lazy Arab sons of oil-rich dads.
After dumping a set of files provided by his instructor, he leaves him there to do his assignment lock stock and barrel.  He even sends several reference materials he hasn’t read.  Imagine complaining later on who this author Dr. Rebecca de Coster is, which happens to be the author of one of the materials he provided me.
It’s a project management assignment for a fictitious company that plans to sell vehicle-mounted PDAs for airport use.  I did the standard capital budgeting analyses with the usual computation for NPV, IRR, etc, etc.  Then comes the project control section where I have to do an AON/AOA chart that is hardly used in any real project management job. Talk about learning something that is useless in the real world.  And I thought master’s degree courses tackle real world case studies. 
The bottom line is that this hopeless student who wanted to earn his Masters wanted the title but not the hard work that goes with it.
Is this the new generation of  post graduate students the world can expect to emerge as the new managers and executives? 
With the proliferation of academic research writers online, making it a thriving industry on its own, students only need to plunk in anywhere from $4 to $20 per page of around 300 words and they get their assignments - term papers, dissertations, thesis, and other courseworks.  How I wish there was something like this during my time. Maybe there was, in the streets of Recto but what I know is that they were just typists who formalize manuscripts of students.
Then again, if there was, I would never have been a writer.  But I certainly envy these lazy sons of bitches who can just pay off other people to do their assignments for a few dollars and get their degrees.
Of course, writers like me earn from the laziness of these people.  But then, I’m on my way out, retired and just doing things easy.  We have a new generation of Master’s degree holders who can’t even write. Looks like the age of brain dead future executives are about to unfold. 

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