Monday, March 5, 2012

Internet Article Writing on its last days?

The Winds of Change at work again in a profession

The buzzword in marketing over the last couple of years  is video marketing.  Ad gurus and market-savvy professionals have been going gaga over video sharing sites like YouTube, which now ranks next to Google as the most widely visited site serving up as a search engine.  I have read an article several years back predicting that YouTube will be the next  search engine with a more forward-looking trend towards visual search engines.  That's right.  Imagine taking a cellphone snapshot of a new car you just saw, upload it to a site from your smartphone, and it returns with the technical features and specs of the car along with the price. Then just have it charged to your credit card and the following day, the new car in the color you want  is delivered to your house.

Oh well, back to 2012, go ahead and make a search about any topic under the sun on the YouTube home page and you’ll get search results instantly like in Google.  The first time I read it I immediately did some searching on YouTube and true enough, just about every search I made resulted in several result pages of this or that video.  That was in 2006, if I recall right.

Video marketing has also come to be known as YouTube marketing. SEO professionals have long recognized that video as a more powerful marketing tool than articles or words.  People generally prefer to watch a video than read an article and if your website is in that video or any product therein is related to your website, a single video can launch more organic visits to your site than a dozen articles or ad placements could.  The Forrester research conducted in 2009 revealed that your site is 53x more likely to land in Google search if you have a video about your website. 

Readers may want to verify this with a little research of their own if the trend is really catching on. So will video marketing replace article marketing?  Eventually, there’s a high probability it will.  But not anytime soon.  Or maybe I am just overly protective of my bread and butter.  Time to start learning how to make a video about a topic.  At YouTube quality, I don’t see the need yet for High Definition camera, though that helps a lot.  Some smartphones already sport this feature so I guess it’s time to upgrade.

 Let me see, how can I make a video about male enhancement products or breast augmentation in women – SEO topics I have written about many times in the past?  That would be interesting. 

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