Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Promoting Manila

The 500-year old city of Manila in the Philippines is one of the cheapest and most entertaining cities to visit in this part of the world. Your first day can start with a visit to the historic Spanish fortress city of Fort Santiago in Intramuros along with the majestic 16th century Manila Cathedral. Just a few minutes away, take a stroll on the city's most popular landmark - the Rizal Park.

The National Museum is next to get a glimpse of local culture and history. Then, just half an hour's ride south is Villa Escudera, a rustic sugar plantation where you can savor a sumptuous buffet of native delicacies while wading in the waters near a waterfall. You can end your day with a majestic view of the Manila sunset right from your hotel.

On day two, shopping for the best bargains is your next fun activity at the Quiapo and Divisoria districts. Then, before leaving, get a taste of local fast food from Jollibee and know why it has trumped McDonald's as the number one fast food chain in the country.

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