Monday, March 25, 2013

Social Media Optimization - the new SEO dimension

Social Media Optimization opens a steam valve in the world of eMarketing

Online marketing takes on a new challenge presented by new search algorithms that are increasingly putting more value on your social media presence than ever before. The SEO industry is making sure that online businesses continue to benefit from search engine marketing efforts with social media optimization (SMO) that has opened up new opportunities to leverage your presence in social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, along with media sharing sites like YouTube to be a step ahead of competition.

Over the last 5 years, social networks have created an entirely novel way of reaching your markets through its word-of-mouth potential to bring your products and service to millions without even spending the usual ad dollars behind traditional marketing communication channels. Social media optimization (SMO) is the new darling behind social media marketing that has now become an essential component in boosting your online presence. It is an online marketing tool that makes your content readily accessible and shareable across the social media networks.

Supercharge your online marketing efforts with the hottest new technologies

While SEO technology allows eMarketing to generate as much traffic to your commercial website as possible, there is now a compelling paradigm where generation of web traffic gives way to ensuring that as many online users see your website's content. This is what SMO technology does to the online business. Today, driven by the changes in Google's search algorithm, content is king.

It no longer matters where your content resides. Search engines like Google need not even be the first point of contact to your adds. SMO done right can bring people to view your content from apps, widgets, videos in YouTube, or Photos is Flickr. YouTube itself is now only second to Google as a search engine. Just make a search on YouTube, and you get results in several pages just like in any search engine. Same with Facebook and Flickr, and similar social networks and media sharing site. Your website can be accessed and shared whether you're at home, office or on the road through mobile phones. In fact, the more transportable your content is, the more it can reach more people. Social media can further increase web traffic from several websites through word-of-mouth social referral traffic.

SMO is about having a larger and more active social media presence for your brand, whether your organization has one or not, as SMO leverages the social networks of others to your benefit. SMO can lead more people to see your content as friends encourage their friends down the line to read your specific content. If your content can appeal to one person, there's a higher chance their friends are just as likely to be interested in your content. Just imagine the multiplier effect if your content can appeal to a dozen from your targeted markets. At the end of the day, a high viewership of your content leads to significant improvements in search engine optimization, as major search engines count on the quality links from these social media sites as a vote to your website that carries more weight than the backlinks from your articles in e-zines and directories.

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