Tuesday, January 17, 2012

And they say they love to write…

Yes, people who write blogs and submit to article directories love to write.  But not necessarily the people they hire to write for them.  I am always amazed to see clients prod writers in their employ to do their best, otherwise, they remind you that you cannot really be a writer with mediocre articles.  When you love what you do, it’s easy to bring out your best. 

To a large extent, that’s true. But really now, writers love what they do, not because they love to write, but because they love the subject they write about.  There ma be some who do, but I have yet to meet a writer who loves writing just for the sake of writing.

With internet marketing using hordes of writers to churn out thousands of SEO and reputation management articles, writing has been reduced from the lofty perch it used to occupy as literary and journalistic expressions of the learned and the impassioned.  It is now just a cheap way to earn money, not for themselves, but for their clients.

How can you love writing when your words are forced out to produce articles that make social misfits, crooks and politicians look good online?  Did I make the right “birds of the same feather” association? Those articles are about reputation management.  They are essentially PR jobs that make a crook look good.  At least the writer can assume client is falsely discredited and needs to reverse a negative online presence, or image.

How can you love writing when you are forced to make sense out of keywords that don’t make sense and wrongly spelled you can’t do anything about?  Try make a sentence out of “cheap trainer weight loss.”  I’m not saying there are no creative ways to do it, but when you have to do it 5 times in a 500 word article and create 10 articles with it, you could end up pulling your hair on your 2nd article.

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