Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Ivy Coach Blog – the “Ivy League” of College Admission Blogs

The Ivy Coach Blog – the “Ivy League” of College Admission Blogs

You know the site’s focus just by its name.  The Ivy Coach is one such site that aims to give students planning to enter any of the Ivy League colleges some good reasons to get their parents to hire the services of a college admissions consultant.  Those reasons can be found in the site blog. 

Getting into Harvard or Yale, despite being the top in your graduating class and having the financial wherewithal to do so, is getting increasingly difficult over the years. These colleges have become so selected that they take in just 10% to 15% of 15,000 to 25,000 students applying every year.  That what the site says and there’s no reason to doubt it given that its founder, Bev Taylor, is a high respected education consultant on college admissions who is regularly on the lecture circuit across the country and the world.  So what could possibly go wrong?

An Upscale Focus that also Works with the rest

The site proves that commerce and excellent blog articles are good bedfellows. When you are convincing people to hire an education consultant to coach your kid on how best to hurdle the college admissions of a selective Ivy Leaguer, those blog articles better have better be good.  And the Ivy Coach Blog has many that can make an impression that you need one. Based on the categories listed on the many of the professional advice and tips on the articles apply to college admissions everywhere, not just ivy leaguers.
  • There are around 32 article categories from A to Z with the most concentration (66 articles) on Admission Process.  With 252 articles today, more than half is devoted to such topic categories as Standardized Testing, Ivy League, The Rankings, College Essays, College Interviews, Selecting Colleges, Early Decision and Deciding on a Collage to Attend.  They clearly show a focus on giving advice and tips as well as experiential anecdotes on preparing yourself to face the first major decision in your adult life – going to college.  The articles are mostly opinions of the author and guest writers which are well written and insightful to start with.
  •  Other article categories like Talented Students, LGBT Students, International Students, Athletes as well as Parents, Teacher/Counselor Recommendations and the Social Media delve more on the societal interaction among student demographics and their elders in shaping their college future.  
  • The Did You Know category is a group of articles that are insightful for impression most students generalize about but are less than factual.  Articles like “Sometimes it’s who you are that counts!” and “There’s life after being rejected” are something every student should read for their enlightening insights.  On the other hand, articles like “Lies, damned Lies, Statistics and Ranking” are quite revealing.
Strengths and Weaknesses

In terms of layout and content, the Ivy Coach Blog is simply one of the better college admission sites out there.  The articles themselves are worth the visit if you want to enrich and widen your learning horizon on the realities of college admissions, less about the technical aspects on how to go through them.  This is where the site gets its good points and bad.  The blog is really more of a sharing venue for the experience and insights of its authors than a technical guidebook for successfully passing the admissions screening of Ivy League Colleges. But that’s just fine.  The site can’t be more technical since this would render hiring their education consultant unnecessary.

The site is still a chip off the formal template typical of stiff newspaper sites but minus the images. The text-rich blog is better off read by middle-aged parents who don’t mind the look and prefer to indulge in the content they can relay to their kids who may not want to bother with it.


The really valuable insight form The Ivy Coach is its focus on college admissions in upscale colleges and universities like Harvard and Yale. Most college admission sights provide generic advice and tips which often fall short when applying in prestigious colleges.  It is said that if you can be accepted in Harvard, there’d be no reason you can’t br accepted in other universities.  And if the interesting and mind-provoking blog articles leave you with more questions, that’s when you should consider hiring their admissions consultant.


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