Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Writing for SEO clients tickles the funny bone

Search optimizing a website means having the right content and more content.  Not just any content, but content peppered with ridiculously phrased keywords.  Now where do you see these contents?  They are posted in blogs, article directories, product review sites, and press release sites, to mention some, with those keywords linked to your website.  It’s those backlinks that increase your website’s page rank in Google and, consequently, presumably, your site gets a higher visibility.  That’s another term to mean your site gets to land on the first result page when searching for any of those keywords.

Never mind if that’s true or not, but I recall my first SEO writing jobs using four mentions of the keywords in the body  with one in the title, the  first sentence and another in the last sentence. I didn’t even known then that Google bothered with location-specific keywords.  It’s like being asked by my English teacher to make a sentence using “wedding car atlanta”,  “fitness total usa”, “slander defamation: or “nature enhancement male”.  I thought it was a joke, but the instructions were clear:  “use the phrases as is, wrong spelling, wrong grammar and all.” 

The rest is history, my writing history that is.  Who would have thought I’d be making sentences using keywords that hardly made sense.  That’s not the worst part.  I was also asked to write about keywords with wrong spelling.  That’s because some idiot would type them in a search engine box and expect a result.  And that result had better be the client whose articles I was writing for.  But that’s what SEO writing is about.  No complaints, no regrets, just a few dollars to show for it.

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