Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Happy End To a Sob Story

Not a few will argue that losing your pet cat, the one who affectionately lands on your bed to wake you up every morning, is about as traumatic as missing your own child who fails to come home after school. When that happens, it’s not unusual to start looking, going around informing and asking neighbors clutching one of your empty cat carriers in case you find her.

Your Options, but Is your Cat Replaceable?

Failing to find her in the neighborhood, you can visit the local police and animal shelter and provide pictures and a description about your lost pet. You can also contact the local dailies to place a picture of your pet in its lost and found section in the classifieds. You may event want to post reward money.

It’s easy to find a replacement if all you is a trusted pet companion. Just visit your nearest pet shop or local animal shelter and there’s always one that would tug at your heart. But it’s a heart rending situation because any kitten you see only serves as a painful reminder of the playful times you’ve had with your lost kitty. No, this is not the solution. At least, not so soon.

Everything in the House can be Painful Reminders

And when you return home empty handed, you take your rest on the couch only to see the best cat scratching post you bought from the pet store remains untouched for days now. And by force of habit, you would still continue to buy cat supplies from the corner pet store even when little kitty is no longer around to welcome you home.

Thanks to the Collar tag

Everyday gets the same routine bringing one of our cat carriers with you on a crusade to look for her. You even post reward signs on just about every tree or electric post in the community. But there’s always hope that someone somewhere could have found and sheltered you kitty. After all, the little angel has a collar tag around her neck that has your name and address.

Cause for Celebration

Then you heart jumps as the doorbell rings and the local police delivers your beloved kitty. She runs to her favorite master meowing to her heart’s content and you thank the police officer profusely. All’s well that ends well and little kitty goes back to her den while you go out to buy cat supplies to replace the old. Thanks to her cat collar that has your address on it.

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