Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Things to Do for Your Boyfriend

Whether visiting your parents to introduce himself for the first time, or just spending time with him on a special occasion, there are things you can do to make every moment with your boyfriend something both of you can cherish with fondness.  Here are some of those things.

Be Serious about the relationship and Let Him Know
Have you ever given your boyfriend your first kiss?  If you are serious about your relationship with him, the next time he drops hints about it, be sure not to lose the moment with false modesty.

Make a Video Collage form all Your Video Together
It helps if you have some latent artistic talent at creating a video collage with video snippets culled from the many video takes you have from your cell phone or digital camcorder just stored in your PC.  With many use-friendly video editing software in the market, or downloadable free online, you can do digital splices from different video files and string them together with some text overlays, fade in and out segues between shots and mixed them with photos to come up with a 30-minute or one hour video collage.  Burn it in a DVD and make it a gift on his next birthday.  A gift that was made from your hands is priceless. You might even want to upload it in YouTube linked to your Facebook.

Compile a CD of Music of your Moments Together
Music has always accompanied memorable moments and if you haven’t compiled one that has attended many of your moments together, do one now.  It’s so easy to find the music you want with online music sites and search engines. Memorable tunes could be those the two of you danced to in a party, played in your first dinner or lunch, the music you played when you got your first gift from him,  and the theme music in the movie both of you enjoyed.  Compile these into a CD and print a special cover with your own sweet nothings printed on it.

Learn to Like What He Likes
Women are generally not into the NFL games. Few, if at all, are audiophiles who love to invest in expensive stereo or multichannel systems. They are also less likely to play home video console games. Or fiddle with the car. If your fiancĂ© has a hobby you don’t care about, he will love you nonetheless.  But he will definitely appreciate it if you share those moments with him or even indulge in one as he does.

Cook and Serve His Favourite Dish
They say the quickest route to a man’s heart is through the stomach.  No need to follow the advice when you’ve already won the battle for his affection. But once in a while, it doesn’t hurt learn to learn to cook and serve his favourite dish the next time he drops by your place. If he’s a foreigner, a little research about the dishes in his home land can help.

Humour Him
If your boyfriend really loves you, he will love you regardless of how you look.  He will probably say he doesn’t like you in pony tails or jeans, but that’s rarely a subject to get into a squabble. But if you love him that much, you can start by looking good for him and sacrificing the get-up he doesn’t like on you.

Spend Quality Time Together
Watch a movie, attend a concert or sporting event, go to the park, go window shopping or mall hopping, take to the beach, eat in a restaurant, play video games, the list of things you can do together can be endless.  You can even cook together, bike, jog or attend gym class together, play scrabble, tennis, bowling, or monopoly, go to work or church together, attend family reunions, parties, etc. 

Make a Social Contribution
Volunteer together to help street children or orphans in charitable organizations, or the homeless and the aged.  If the two of you love pets, you can also spend volunteer time in animal societies and shelters.

Indulge In What You Like to Do Together
Much has been said about spending quality time together, but for special activities that cost more than usual, it helps to plan for it.  If your boyfriend hasn’t done it yet, plan out a long weekend vacation out of town.  Then discuss the plan with him.  Next step, you can save up and surprise him with the plane ticket for the two of you.

…But Not Always
Being apart for some time can help in the relationship.  The more your boyfriend misses you, the more intense the relationship becomes the next time you see each other.  Just don’t be out too long that your boyfriend starts wandering around.  Even when not together, get in touch via emails or Facebook.  Make every moment you are away a reason for him to wait for you.

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